Three of Triniti and Tayo

For years, some things have remained constant in the courtyard of Paronyan 28, known to Yerevantsis as “the actors’ building.” One of the building’s older inhabitants keeps pigeons and there are garages behind the building, each adorned with a “DO NOT PARK” sign.

This row of identical iron doors is disrupted by a single, large window. Peering through it you’ll find the entire garage revealed. But here, the word “garage” starts taking on a different meaning as you get a glimpse of the reality on the other side of the window.

Instead of the usual “DO NOT PARK” sign, this window bears a different message:

“3/3 architectural / multidisciplinary practice”

Triniti and TUMO Studios

Behind the window lies the birthplace of many intriguing architectural projects. But before diving into that, let’s explore this creative hub’s connection to TUMO Studios.

Triniti, along with its projects, ideology, and space, was brought to life by architects Jbid Giragosian, Arpi Saroyan, and Anahit Vardanyan — all former students of TUMO Studios. Their paths converged within Studios, thanks to their shared interests.

In the summer of 2022, Jbid and Anahit’s fervor for product design led them to TUMO Studios. Their initiation into the world of design started with the Exile Collectives atelier.
Jbid shares, “The process of interior design invariably led us to innovate new products. Given the limited scope of the Armenian market, we had to create our own intriguing designs.”

During the industrial design atelier led by Exile, Anahit conceived the vinyl holder, which not only found its place in her new interior architecture projects but also made it all the way to Milan Design Week.

Later, the trio joined another TUMO Studios product design atelier in September, this one led by Etienne Bastormagi.

Arpi returned to Studios in the fall of 2022 to participate in yet another industrial design atelier led by Normal Studio.

Anahit emphasizes, “Fundamentally, our designs are geared towards versatility. We aim to optimize the use of space as much as possible.”

They shared memories from their days at Studios, showcased their projects’ evolution within their designed interiors, and demonstrated how their creations traverse the production process, akin to their learning experience at TUMO Studios.

About the Studio

Jbid reflects, “Initially, we worked together in an architectural studio and gradually developed a strong bond: we built a friendship, traveled a lot. Eventually, our connection evolved into a tight-knit team.”

Anahit adds, “Then Arpi decided to quit.”

Arpi concurs, “Yes, I started working independently, exploring new horizons until one day…”

Jbid continues, “Over lunch, Anahit and I proposed to Arpi the idea of founding our own studio. That’s how it all began.”

Their journey involved numerous trials in search of the right studio space. Eventually, they discovered this garage at Paronyan 28 and embarked on its transformation.
Together, they renovated, procured or crafted furniture, arranged walls and lighting, initiating their creative journey. During the few moments of down time, they would sit by the expansive window, observing how this space they had created interacted with the world outside.

About the Studio

During their decision-making session over lunch, they aimed to design a path that would allow them to embark on a collective venture while preserving their individuality. They needed a space that encompassed both joint and individual projects, not limited to just architecture. They envisioned their studio also as a space for socializing over coffee with friends, and basking in sunlight.

With each member contributing their individuality 1-to-1 to this Triniti, collectively, they became 3 out of 3.

“This summer, we did a soft opening of our space for friends to gauge their interaction with it. We plan to maintain this approach, organizing events and welcoming new faces,” they shared.

Who is Tayo?

There is, of course,much more to unveil about the trio — their projects, aspirations, and vision. But their work speaks louder than words, as a testament to their daily dedication.

The title of this blog also hints at one more fascinating element to this creative endeavor.

Remembering our first encounter at the unique garage in Paronyan 28, the reaction from the Studios team, following the customary greetings, was this:

“Oooh, who is this cutie-pie?”

The cutie-pie in question was Tayo, who completes the Triniti as its fourth integral member. Tayo attentively listened to our conversation and actively participated in project discussions. The trio often integrates him into their projects, so if you collaborate with Triniti someday, you might spot him in the renderings.

Students don’t linger at TUMO Studios indefinitely. They eventually depart Pushkin 38, making room for new talents. However, they forever remain a part of Studios, their expertise and inspirations imprinted on its walls.

Architects Jbid, Arpi, and Anahit embarked on their TUMO Studios journey together, leaving their mark through their distinctive knowledge, style, and methodologies.

The row in identical metal garage doors in the courtyard of Paronyan 28 is interrupted by a large window. Behind it are Jbid, Arpi, Anahit and, of course, Tayo. They would be very happy to welcome you in.