The inspiration comes from TUMO Studios: Laura Khachatryan

It’s the second year in a row that we see Laura Khachatryan in the printmaking room at TUMO Studios, we call her Lalik and smile when we meet her. We talked to Laura to learn about her what she’s inspired by and how her emotions turn into printed images.

In the beginning:
I joined TUMO Studios in 2019. My first workshop was with Chiharu Ishikawa and we worked with clay. It’s true that I came to the Studios to do ceramics, but I knew that I would switch over to printmaking.

The inspiration comes from TUMO Studios:
Lots of interesting people visit TUMO Studios and spark a range of different emotions when you interact with them. We work together for a long time and, of course, have discussions on all kinds of topics. This is where I get my inspiration from.

Hold onto your inspiration:
I don’t like structured shapes in my work – they’re uninteresting to me. From the very beginning, I’ve never had a specific composition in mind. The feelings I experience during the workshop become very ideas that I portray in my art. My emotions, techniques, and tools guide me. When I have the right tools in my hand and an idea that I’m passionate about, the rest is easy.

The present day:
My newest piece is currently in production and I created it with linogravure. I’ve started creating again and I’m always looking for new methods to make emotions visible in my art.