The Essence of Impermanence

Raw, organic jewelry that slowly morphs and mutates along with the changing of the seasons. Sounds pretty interesting, right?

In one of TUMO Studios most memorable ateliers, students teamed up with Keef Palas, a self-described anarchic project that specializes in ephemeral Mediterranean-inspired jewelry. Why ephemeral? With materials that are completely organic and sourced from nature, the pieces themselves last a certain period of time, keeping with Keef Palas’ recognition of the fleeting and ephemeral laws of none other than nature itself.

Working with Keef Palas designers Claire O’Keefe and Eugenie Oliva, TUMO Studios students went beyond traditional notions of adornment ⁠— whether fast fashion or valuable metals passed down from generation to generation ⁠— to create objects that ascribe to these laws of nature, using raw and organic materials like flowers, wheat, and egg shells to make earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

One such standpoint piece that emerged from the atelier was the Cinnamon Choker and Bracelet, designed and handmade by TUMO Studios student Tigran Mkrtichyan. Tigran, who studies painting at the Panos Terlemezian Yerevan State College of Arts and plans to launch his own jewelry line in the future, has been with TUMO Studios since its inception and has over ten ateliers under his belt. He enjoys creating unique adornments that touch an emotional chord with people.

“This atelier changed my thinking about what jewelry can be,” he said. “Rather than making objects from valuable material, we gave value to perishable objects.”