Similar ways of thinking

“We wanted to work together, but couldn’t decide what to do,” shared TUMO Studios students Mariam and Anush.

Mariam and Anush Ghazaryan are sisters. They joined TUMO Studios in 2019, participated in many fashion ateliers, technical courses, and put their knowledge into practice to building their brand.

“We never really noticed how we created bags during almost every atelier. The idea of the bags accompanied us all throughout our search for ideas. This is how we came up with 57 metanoia.”

Anush and Mariam launched their brand back in September. It’s based on the idea of Metanoia – the way of changing one’s mind, heart, personality or lifestyle.

The brand now has one bag collection: “Continuity”. 57 metanoia will soon be about much more than just bags.

“We do everything ourselves in our room, from designing the bags to printing the labels. We work together and support each other,” they say. Anush designs the bags, Mariam sews them. The combination of their work is fascinating. They have similar ways of thinking, yet express it in unique styles and techniques.

“We emphasize on people carrying the idea of metanoia, while carrying the bags,” the sisters say.