If you have a burning passion for creating and designing, join us and our network of acclaimed designers and artisans to shape your own Armenian-inspired contemporary products.

At TUMO Studios, you will acquire new technical and design skills and gain hands-on practice in product creation. You will work towards developing your own product line, which you will be able to promote in partnership with TUMO Studios or get assistance in creating your own brand and personal studio.


TUMO Studios offers free of charge technical courses and design ateliers for imaginative individuals looking to tap into their artistic potential. If you have a burning passion for creating and designing and are between the ages of 16 and 28, join us and our network of internationally acclaimed designers to shape your own artisanal, Armenian-inspired products while putting your own mark on contemporary Armenian design.

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The TUMO Studios educational program consists of technical courses and design ateliers. You will determine your own pace, designing a personal schedule around the standard program timeline.

Build up your skills in a beginner level technical course. Technical courses are currently available in jewelry making, ceramics, pattern making, embroidery, and silk screen printing.
In parallel to the technical course, you will be able to participate in design ateliers with local and international experts.

Duration of a technical course: 3 – 12 months
Minimum requirement: 1 technical course

Hone your craft by participating in design ateliers and diving deeper into a focus area. With each atelier you complete you will add more products to your portfolio, and will round out your set of skills and knowhow.
Students are required to participate in a minimum of 1 technical course and 12 design ateliers to complete the TUMO Studios educational program.

Duration of a design atelier: 2 – 4 weeks
Minimum requirement: 12 design ateliers

If you complete at least 1 technical course and 12 design ateliers, you will have the opportunity to design and produce an original collection of products for TUMO Studios and showcase your work in exhibitions.

Duration of residency: 1 year

In parallel to your studies, you will have many opportunities to advance and improve your craftsmanship and design skills. TUMO Studios provides students who have shown commitment and excellence with opportunities to study abroad, do internships with renowned designers, work on product development and production, and take part in exhibitions.


Anyone residing in Armenia and between the ages of 16 and 28 can become a TUMO Studios student. No prior knowledge or background is required to participate in our technical courses.

Design ateliers require some basic experience. For participation, you will be asked to provide a selection of your work.

Apply to become a TUMO Studios student by completing an application form online or in person at TUMO Studios.

TUMO Studios technical courses and design ateliers are free of charge.

TUMO Studios currently offers technical courses in jewelry making, ceramics, pattern making, embroidery, and printmaking. Two admissions rounds are held per year for technical courses in April and October. The technical courses are taught by permanent staff at TUMO Studios.

Each technical course has different schedules. Students will have the flexibility to determine their own schedules when fulfilling them. For example, students can work in three hour sessions, two times a week. Schedules are provided upon acceptance.

Students may take more than one technical course at a time, provided that they complete the designated hours for each.

*Technical courses do not limit the kind of design ateliers that can be taken later. For example, a student who has taken a technical course in jewelry making may participate in a printmaking design atelier.

A design atelier is an educational workshop in any of our focus areas led by a visiting expert from Armenia or abroad.

Design ateliers last between two weeks and one month long, and they are held throughout the year. When in session, they take place five days a week, Monday through Friday, 11:00 – 15:00 or 16:00 – 20:00.

Design ateliers are announced two to three weeks ahead of their start date. Space is limited and enrollment depends on the requirements of the atelier and the portfolio submitted by the applicant.

Students are required to participate in a minimum of 1 technical course and 12 design ateliers to complete the TUMO Studios educational program.

Completing the full educational program can take anywhere from two to three years depending on the study pace of the student and the duration of the courses.

By participating in the TUMO Studios program, you gain technical and design skills around a certain craft and create your own portfolio of products.

You will learn from expert artisans and designers, have opportunities to study abroad, participate in internships, gain employment and exhibit your work publicly.



Duration: June 10 – 21
Scheduling: Monday through Friday, 16:00 – 20:00

Deadline to apply: June 2
Language: English

We will be hosting the very intriguing printmaking artist, Randa Baki, at TUMO Studios this June.

Randa is not only an artist but also a professor and visual designer. She completed her graduate studies (MFA) at Pratt Institute in New York, where she also worked as a designer and art director, focusing on publication design, packaging, and multimedia design for clients such as Procter & Gamble, GM, Citibank, Sotheby’s, the United Nations, and Estée Lauder. Currently, Randa is an Associate Professor within the Department of Art and Design at the Lebanese American University.

Over the course of two weeks, students will create a short narrative, visualizing a poem, or song in an accordion book format featuring both Armenian and English languages.

Lithography, Collagraphy Printing Main picture


Duration: April 22 – May 10
Scheduling: Monday through Friday, 16:00 – 20:00

Deadline to apply: April 14
Language: English

On April 22, a printing design atelier will be held at TUMO Studios under the leadership of Lisa Archigian, an Armenian artist living in New York.

Lisa is a visual artist and educator-librarian with an extensive background in painting, printmaking and illustration. Her work is an exploration of narratives of space (architectural and mental), referencing the urban landscape, domestic interiors, and archival images of the Armenian Genocide. Her paintings and prints have appeared in exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, and Kyoto where several of her woodcut prints are held in the collection of the Kyoto International Woodprint Association.

TUMO Studios students will study paper lithography, polyester plate lithography, collagraphy and other printing techniques under Lisa’s guidance. These processes will provide jumping-off points for building layered, evocative images as we explore visual representations of the idea of movement and migration. By combining techniques and images, students will print a series of conceptually connected visuals or individual images.

If you are interested in exploring various printing techniques, apply to this atelier by April 14.


Portfolio Making Through Creative Branding TUMO Studio

Portfolio Making Through Creative Branding

Duration: April 29 – May 10
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 16:00 – 18:00
Deadline to apply: April 21
Language: Armenian

If you’ve ever wondered about the art of introducing and presenting yourself effectively, our upcoming atelier is designed just for you.

Starting on April 29, TUMO Studios will host Ani Khachatryan. Through this atelier, our students will learn about various branding techniques and how to apply them in their personal lives and projects. Participants will explore different tools and strategies using examples from fashion brands, covering brand analysis, brand identity generation, positioning, and strategy development. These tools will be directly applied to their personal branding, including the creation of portfolios and CVs tailored for applications to academic institutions, employment opportunities, competitions, and other professional pursuits.

Ani is a fashion designer who graduated from the Fashion Design Management Course at Polimoda University in Florence. After graduation, she was selected for the TOD’S Talent Acquisition Program, where she had the opportunity to create and work within the factory dedicated to the Leather Goods and Accessories Department.


Duration: 12 months (April – March)
Schedule: 4 hours weekly
Deadline to apply: March 26
Language: Armenian
Led by: Vardan Aghabekyan

Duration: 12 months
Schedule: 4 hours weekly
Deadline to apply: March 26
Language: Armenian
Led by: Vardan Aghabekyan

The ceramics technical course at TUMO Studios starts with feeling the clay in your hands, crafting the details of the final product, and ends with becoming a pro at the pottery wheel.

The course will take place at TUMO Studios (Pushkin 38).

UPCOMING technical courses

Jewelry Making

Duration: April 15 – October 3 (6 months)
Schedule: Monday through Thursday, 4 hours weekly (11:00 – 13:00 or 14:00 – 16:00)

Deadline to apply: February 25
Language: Armenian
Led by: Shushan Ayvazyan

Start creating the jewelry you’ve always looked for! You’ll learn the fundamentals of jewelry making by working with different materials and translating your vision into a reality.

The courses will take place at TUMO Studios (Pushkin 38).

Schedules are selected by participants upon acceptance.

Embroidery technical course 2024


Duration: April 15 – April 4 (12 months)
Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 18:00 – 20:00

Deadline to apply: March 26
Language: Armenian
Led by: Mariam Gharibyan

During the 12 month technical course, you will learn about crochet, macramé, and five types of Armenian embroidery styles: Urfa, Sebastia, Marash, Van, and Ayntap.

The courses will take place at TUMO Studios (Pushkin 38).

Silkscreen Printing

Duration: April – July (3 months)
Schedule: Monday and Thursday, (13:30 – 16:00 or 11:30 – 14:00)

Deadline to apply: March 26
Language: Armenian
Led by: Armine Margaryan

During the course, you will get the practical knowledge of silk screen printing and learn how to transfer your designs onto materials like fabric or paper.

The courses will take place at TUMO Studios (Pushkin 38).