From Martha to Martha: The story behind

When Martha was drinking warm milk early in the morning and was entranced by the appearance and shape of the bubbles clinging to the walls of her glass, she could not imagine this day would come.

The TUMO Studios shop has recently been replenished with the long-awaited “From Martha to Martha” collection. This is the collection of our first resident, Martha Minasyan, whose story began…

“…early in the morning, when I was drinking warm milk, as I usually did during COVID. But I’d never noticed the bubbles. That day, I saw them and the structure interested me a lot. I started my research right after the last sip.”

The research took Martha in various directions: fabric, embroidery, needlework, knitting. While studying embroidery, everything changed when she started to discover the school of Van’s embroidery.

Along with all of this, Martha very accidentally found her great-grandmother’s recordings in their family archive. In them, her grandmother, Martha, sings a popular song from the Van province and retells her stories of emigration.

“She was originally from Van. She often told stories about their house on the shore of Lake Vana and the breathtaking views from there: how beautiful the blue lake and the landscape were, how the waves were foaming when hitting the shore,” says Martha.

Thus, Martha’s research extended not only to the constructive but also the conceptual side of bubbles. The combination of transparency, hues of blue, reflection, and the delicate and light nature of bubbles reminded Martha of her great grandmother, who shared sincere memories about the motherland, touched with fragility and blue feelings.

With this collection, Martha returns to her roots and tells her story.

The “From Martha to Martha” fashion collection includes six design pieces, created with a combination of smoking, embroidery, knitting and fabric that’s light and transparent.

This collection is a gift from great-granddaughter to great-grandmother, from TUMO Studios resident Martha Minasyan, to her great-grandmother Martha from Van.

Wearing any piece of the collection, you’ll feel the gentle touch of Martha’s memories, surrounded by the stories of Martha’s grandmother. Her first collection evokes memories you can touch.