“Fashion can be cyclical. Every twenty years styles repeat themselves…”

They say that fashion moves in waves. If so, no style is currently flying higher than the starklook that defined Soviet-era fashion. Pieces using Soviet themes and aesthetics are making a bold comeback, particularly on the streets of Yerevan.

The result of a collaboration between TUMO Studios, LaGalleria Boutique, and Spanish menswear designer Victor Nouman, the Ashkatank N-1 clothing and accessories line captures the spirit of Soviet Armenia while infusing it with a modern, streetwise sensibility. Items in the collection celebrate distinct Soviet Armenian touchstones like the 1963 launch of Armenia’s first monthly “Science and Technology” magazine and several insiderish expressions that emerged out of the periodical, like “Those who operate by hand are even-keeled with the remote.”

Nouman personally led one of TUMO Studios most popular ateliers, assisting students in the conceptual phase of the program while providing a helping hand in designing all 25 of the collection’s distinct pieces. “How do the young people of Armenia see the world? We wanted to integrate Armenian history in a modern streetwear collection, where youngsters all over the world, especially Armenia, are able to express themselves,” said Nouman of the TUMO Studios atelier.

Liking together historical Soviet-Armenian reference points with the global explosion in popularity of streetwear brands like Bape and Supreme, the atelier was, needless to say, a huge hit with the students. “Fashion can be cyclical. Every twenty years styles repeat themselves,” said Christine Hambardzumyan, a TUMO Studios student in the atelier. “That’s why we felt Soviet motifs would be trendy this year.” Likewise, fellow atelier-mate Argishti Antonyan remarked, “The collection was intended for a modern, on the go lifestyle. Our objective was to create conceptual clothing for everyday life.”

The Ashkatank N-1 clothing and accessories line is available to purchase at TUMO Studios. Sport a classic bomber, graphic tee, or leather belt back from a collection that’s smart, edgy, versatile and captures the Soviet Armenian spirit for modern sensibilities.