Bringing The Opera To You

On a map of Yerevan, three boulevards converge where architect Alexander Tamanyan placed the Yerevan Opera House. It opened to the public in 1933 — and has been entertaining Yerevan ever since. Take this symbol of the city wherever you go with the Opera Set by TUMO Studios. Available in silver and gold-plated brass, the set of five perforated rings are worn together to capture the layers, curves and columns of Yerevan’s most beloved cultural landmark.

The Opera Set was designed and made by TUMO Studios student Lilit Aramyan in an atelier with Laia Varela from Spain. Lilit, an interior designer by profession, has participated in six ateliers at TUMO Studios, where she enjoys learning different approaches to design with instructors from around the world. “Laia encouraged us to think freely and not limit our ideas,” she said. “Think big and conquer the technical part later.”

In Laia’s atelier, participants created jewelry inspired by Soviet-era architecture. For Lilit, the Yerevan Opera House was a natural choice. “For generations, the Opera House has been a beacon of arts and culture in Armenia. It’s an important building for our country,” she said. “By wearing this ring, you take a small piece of that legacy with you wherever you go.”