Anahit Nalbandian: A Colorful Talent

When asked to describe herself, Anahit Nalbandyan starts by saying, “People usually say that I am colorful.” And indeed, she is a true burst of creativity and passion.

Anahit’s journey began at the TUMO Center of Creative Technologies. She began by exploring the IT field and, as she says, “I was trying to find myself in the IT field”.

However, she adds that “I’ve been part of TUMO Studios for three years now. When I first came, I was received very warmly. From this moment on, I looked forward to finishing school so that I could fully devote myself to the Studios.” This is at the core of Anahit’s first memories of TUMO Studios.

It didn’t take long for Anahit to discover her true passion. Starting with ceramics, she soon found herself captivated by pattern making and fashion design. Since then, she has attended every single fashion atelier, continuously honing her skills and expanding her artistic horizons. Nowadays, Anahit is the first applicant in the fashion ateliers.

At TUMO Studios, Anahit joined our production team where her creative genius comes to life. From fashion production to the stunning pieces displayed in the store, and even accessories, Anahit’s impeccable craftsmanship leaves a lasting impression. She has a profound effect, using threads and needles to bring forth unique and inspiring collaborations.

We invite you to witness one of the most honest interviews with our talented student, Anahit Nalbandian.

Keep on creating and stay colorful, Anahit!