A Tasty Take on Textile Design

“Textiles have always been a fundamental part of human life. They create an atmosphere and can tell a unique story, while expressing the designer’s vision.”

Currently hard at work alongside a team designing a woven textured piece inspired by lavash, TUMO Studios student Svetlana Amatuni was first introduced to the art of weaving and textile design in a recent TUMO Studios atelier with designers Nienke Hoogvliet and Tim Jongerius. Svetlana and her peers received an intensive crash course in weaving and textile design, meeting with a group of artisans from the Goris Women’s Resource Development Foundation to learn about wool-weaving techniques while experimenting with natural dyeing processes using herbs, roots, and flowers.

When asked about her lavash-inspired project, Svetlana is quick to cite the bread’s unique characteristics that drew her team to the concept. “Lavash is an interesting sort of bread that has an oval form and unusual texture, it’s very light and airy. We decided to capture this characteristic and it quickly became our inspiration. But we wanted to use different colors than typical lavash. During dye experiments with madder roots, we got two interesting colors and combined them with the natural color of wool. We think that three colors in the piece will properly reflect the three components (salt, water and flour) of lavash.”

Ultimately, Svetlana is excited with the knowledge she picked up during Nienke and Tim’s workshop, hoping to translate these new skill sets to a career in design. “These experiences will definitely help me in my future career, giving me further inspiration and more ideas for new projects. Most importantly, I learned how to translate my thoughts to an idea, and an idea to a reality.”