A Season of Throws, A Season of Inspiration

Gorgeous red and yellow vistas that stretch on for miles. The first signs of frost on the window pane. A certain crispness in the air that you can’t quite put your finger on. That’s right… it’s winter! Along with all of the other special, timeless features this season provides, we can all agree that it feels great to dive under those covers again. After all, there’s nothing quite like the bliss of wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy throw, especially on a crisp, blustery day. Even more so if your throw has a story behind it!

At TUMO Studios, students learned how to channel inspiration from their environment and from their hazy childhood memories into design. Rhythm and movement, footstep patterns in Yerevan’s narrow, winding streets, ships on the high seas and dragon hunters straight out of an epic fantasy novel each morphed into distinct patterns in Lenka Kokhoutova’s quilt design atelier. Working with the Czech fashion designer and founder of Cockerel, students created a colorful collection of custom designed, eco-friendly woolen throws sourced from sustainable material. It wound up being an experience to remember for everyone involved, from brainstorming to design to production.

“It was an unforgettable experience for me,” noted TUMO Studios student Armin Sahakyan. “Lenka really challenged me to dig through my old memories to tell a story that only I could tell. While I was brainstorming, a whole rushing flood of nostalgic memories came pouring out of me, like my wide-eyed childhood wonder, trips with my family to Lake Sevan and those hazy fragments that make you wonder if you were dreaming all along.”